Welcome to Kwai Sun Studio

Kwai Sun’s mission is to provide families with a safe training environment and to provide superior classes that welcome and challenge everyone regardless of age or ability. Kwai Sun offers a variety of classes ranging from martial arts, Yoga, fitness fusion, and women’s self defense for ages 3 to 105 years. Kwai Sun features Kara Ho Kempo, one of the most effective martial arts programs. The techniques are based upon an ancient internal art called Ki principals, that when applied, are devastating to an assailant. The classes are designed to compliment one another creating a more balanced and higher level of all around fitness and well-being.

Ka’imi Kuoha, Kwai Sun’s founder’s passion is teaching women self-defense and to empower them to heighten their awareness and enable them to protect themselves from many different forms of attack. Rape and abduction prevention are foremost on her agenda due to the staggering statistics with which women and young girls are victimized. Ka’imi regularly holds free women’s self-defense seminars at Kwai Sun. Also, she created a new class called “Fight Fit” with a view toward teaching women to avoid and/or escape life-threatening situations. Fight Fit combines effective self-defense techniques with a fitness program that prepares her students to execute in a pinch. Finally, Ka’imi will be holding a new intensive all women’s weekend called “Fight Camp” to jump start women on their way to greater awareness and empowerment.

Allow Kwai Sun to serve as your launching point to form clear visions, achieve your goals and nourish your life. Physical and mental preparedness results from consistent exercise and focused training. Bring your family together to pursue life long learning and to bond and adventure with others who are devoted to self-improvement and personal achievement within a very close-knit community.